• Happy to work for a company that thinks about our impact beyond just revenue.


  • Back in frontend land, reminded today that setState in React is aggressively asynchronous; need to verify a change? Use a callback.

  • Two weeks in, and I can’t believe the difference. People: if you have options, do not put up with energy-draining shit at work. It may be you, but it’s [definitely] also them.

  • My last day at Plangrid was Friday. Lots of change coming, which feels appropriate for spring.

  • Reading about Python’s new breakpoint prompted me to revive my PDB tutorial. Guess I have some updating to do!

  • Printing With The Xcut Xpress

    The Xcut Xpress is a die cutting and embossing machine for crafters. It’s also a passable etching press. Need to get some felts but pretty pleased with the first result.

  • Heading to Bond Conference this morning.

  • Notified yesterday that I wasn’t selected for Big Ink. Bummer, but I think I’ll just do the work on my own now.

  • Submitted my proposal for Big Ink at the last minute last night. If selected I’ll be turning this into a 40” x 30” Woodcut print.

  • Weekend In Napa

    Sweet weekend away in Napa County. Couldn’t ask for better weather.

  • Attention

    Talking to my grandparents this week, they expressed how valuable they find Facebook for feeling connected to their increasingly geographically-spread family. Reminded me that there is a valuable, relationship-affirming side of social media tools that exists in tension with the increasingly distressing aspects of the attention economy.

    Although that may simply be because the algorithms haven’t caught up with nonagenarians [yet].

  • Incredibly sad to hear John Perry Barlow has died.

    “Cyberspace consists of transactions, relationships, and thought itself, arrayed like a standing wave in the web of our communications. Ours is a world that is both everywhere and nowhere, but it is not where bodies live.”

  • Remembering Madeline, three years on. www.whatswrongwithmadeline.com/thank-you…

  • Silent Retreat 2018

    I spent the weekend in silence at Four Springs retreat center with 19 other members of my spiritual community. As always a sweet, challenging time of disconnection, reflection, nature, and art.

  • Awesome seeing wxPython 4.0 released today. I built several things for CC using wxPython, happy to see that it’s carried on.

  • Jo Walton’s beautiful eulogy for Le Guin.

    “I emailed to say [her writing] was an inspiration, and she told me to get on with my writing, then. I did.”

  • Chris misses blogrolls. So do I. When I was starting to sew back in October, a few “old school” blogs with sewing blog rolls offered great starting points.

  • An Afternoon With Rauschenberg

    Photos from an afternoon wandering the Rauschenberg exhibit at SFMOMA.

  • 📚I’m feeling unexpectedly tender and grief stricken reading the news of Ursula Le Guin’s passing. theguardian.com

  • Just finished 📚 “Turtles All the Way Down”. Feeling unexpectedly moved by the act of closing it, like I’m leaving behind a place I would like to stay.

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