Second make of 2019, a backpack for my favorite niece. Started this one with @amylynnboles when they were visiting this week, finished it up today. . . #imadethis #oaklandsews #guncleing

When your sister visits and says, “I’ve been thinking about a jean jacket with sweatshirt sleeves,” the correct answer is, “let’s make it!” @seamworkmag Audrey, with sleeve modification. Fabric and notions from @discountfabricsf and @stonemountainfabric. Sewing by @amylynnboles and yours truly. . . . #oaklandsews #imadethis #sewcialist #sewqueer #denim

Finally made it to the de Young for “Contemporary Muslim Fashion” on its penultimate day. They did a great job showcasing the diversity of fashion expression in the contemporary Muslim world, & designers figuring out how to express new ideas that coexist with tradition.

New year, new sewing corner. I’ve had my grandmother’s sewing table since she died over a decade ago. Finally figured out how to make it work for something other than her classic Singer. 🧵

I didn’t grow up in a church that recognized Advent beyond “the Christmas story”. Today at church we celebrated the shift from waiting in darkness to Christ among us. I’m grateful to be part of a community that makes space for the darkness that is part of the story.

Celebrated Christmas with our little family this evening. Really sweet to spend time preparing food, exchanging gifts, and creating traditions. 🎄

Great day with friends celebrating the holidays, along with our very own “Great Gay Paint-Off” competition.

Guys! I made shorts! Half off pink print corduroy from upstairs at @stonemountainfabric? Yes, please! #oaklandsews #sewqueer #justintimeforfolsom #imadethis

San Francisco hosts Dreamforce this week. Folsom Street Fair is this weekend. What if they’re actually one event and hosting Dreamforce is just a city wide, non-consensual BDSM scene?

Open source maintainer burnout is a real thing; and Hapi’s “backwards commercial” license plan leaves me with a bad taste.

80% of current hapi users are on an older major version than master.

From the latest major version release notes:

hapi v17.0.0 is a major new version of the framework. … In many ways, it is a new framework because it make fundamental changes to how business logic is interfaced with the framework.

Maybe this has something to do with the number of users who haven’t upgraded? (We use Hapi at work and currently sponsor the project; after looking at v17, I can’t imagine why we’d invest the time to upgrade to what is effectively a different framework.)

“But, look: the world is a nightmarish hellscape of unending despair, and so the hill I have decided to plant my flag on is this tiny bit of sanity, where common sense might make fractional headway against the rote devotion to no-longer-relevant rules.”


Finally finished my 👕. This light, woven shirting from @britexfabrics has a lovely, soft hand, but it was sort of a pain to work with. I think I’ll stick to tighter weaves in the future. 🤷🏻‍♂️ On to the next project. #sewing #imadethis #sewqueer #oaklandsews