A Week Of Printmaking

Making Art Safely

Making Art Safely hosts printmaking and other art workshops, with a focus on water conservation and artist safety. No hands in heavy metal tinted litho inks, for example. The studio is surrounded by trees on the outskirts of Santa Fe.

Twiggy the studio dog welcomes all.


Japanese wood block print making is known as mokuhanga. I spent the past week in Santa Fe learning about it from Annie Bissett.

Registration is handled by the kento: a notch in the corner and a notch along the side.


In 2016 I visited Guernsey, an island in the English Channel. I fell in love with the vegetation, the stairs, the hills, and the pallette. This is one of the photos I took while I was there.


I worked in small “mini-editions” of 3-5 prints each to experiment with inking, colors, and layering. These are three of my favorite results.

Back from a week of #printmaking in #santafe with @anniebissettartist and studio dog Twiggy. Learned about #mokuhanga – Japanese wood block printing – and worked with water based inks more intentionally than I have in the past. Lots of new avenues for my print work going forward. This five block print is based on a photo I took in Guernsey a couple years ago while traveling with @matt.pincus and @artextorian. Loved the vegetation, stairs, and pallette of that island.

Do replies get handled differently than regular posts somehow? Noticing that two replies I wrote on the mac app in the last week don’t show up on the web. /cc @manton

It seems like micro.blog’s IndieAuth doesn’t support custom domains; can’t help wondering if there’s a [long term] risk there using it to sign in to something like IndiePaper since I don’t have control over the domain.

Back in the studio today, printing little cards with our little house on them. #linocut #printmaking #relief #imadethis

git config core.autocrlf auto on Windows side; core.autocrlf input on WSL side and… it just sort of works like I expect.

Needed to replace my aging personal computer, decided to dip my toe in the Windows world again. WSL on Windows feels a little like black magic.

Back in frontend land, reminded today that setState in React is aggressively asynchronous; need to verify a change? Use a callback.

Two weeks in, and I can’t believe the difference. People: if you have options, do not put up with energy-draining shit at work. It may be you, but it’s [definitely] also them.

Notified yesterday that I wasn’t selected for Big Ink. Bummer, but I think I’ll just do the work on my own now.

Submitted my proposal for Big Ink at the last minute last night. If selected I’ll be turning this into a 40” x 30” Woodcut print.


Talking to my grandparents this week, they expressed how valuable they find Facebook for feeling connected to their increasingly geographically-spread family. Reminded me that there is a valuable, relationship-affirming side of social media tools that exists in tension with the increasingly distressing aspects of the attention economy.

Although that may simply be because the algorithms haven’t caught up with nonagenarians [yet].